About Down's Syndrome : Individual Assessments

We provide assessment and advice, tailored to an individual’s specific needs.

We are able to offer subsidised assessments to members of the DSA. Find out more about becoming a member here.

What we offer:

  • Speech and Language Therapy assessments with our Clinical Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Gwendolina Toner.
  • These assessments will explore all aspects of your child’s speech, language and communication skills, and associated cognitive skills (attention and listening, memory, problem-solving, play, etc).
  • Following your child’s assessment, we can provide a written report which will include recommendations for type and frequency of speech and language therapy.
  • Assessments take place at our head office in Teddington, and our other DSA offices across the UK, by prior arrangement.

You should allow approximately two hours for your visit.

Costs for DSA Members:

  • Assessment and advice: £200
  • Assessment, advice and a written report: £350

Costs for non-members: 

  • Assessment and advice: £300
  • Assessment, advice and a written report: £450

For more information, and to arrange an assessment, please contact: 0333 121 2300 or email training@downs-syndrome.org.uk

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