About Down's Syndrome : The Shifting Perspectives Podcast

Launched in Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week 2019, the Shifting Perspectives Podcast is brought to you by the Down’s Syndrome Association and hosted by Richard Bailey, photographer and curator of the Shifting Perspective project.

It tells the stories of people who have Down’s syndrome as well as of their families and carers, raising a smile, providing insights and challenging commonly held attitudes and prejudices.

Series Three: Episode One – Alex Rawle

Alex Rawle is the Project Manager for DSActive, the programme run by the Down’s Syndrome Association to provide opportunities for people who have Down’s syndrome to lead active and healthy lives. He talks nutrition, sleep, mental health, and how to keep fit and motivated during the coronavirus pandemic.

NB: This podcast was recorded in early December 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Advice was in accordance with public health guidelines at the time of recording. 

Series Two: Episode One – Ophir Yaron

“Live life to the max!” is very much Ophir’s mantra. The twenty-something Londoner tells us about leaving home, working two jobs, keeping up a long-distance relationship, and a very special moment she shared with her absolute favourite popstar, Jessie J. Ophir’s art can be seen here.

Series Two: Episode Two – Sarah Roberts

An award-winning blogger, a published author, and a busy mother of three. Just how did Sarah Roberts manage to fit training for a marathon into her schedule too? Sarah’s blog can be found here.

Series Two: Episode Three – Nick and Alex Bourne

Not afraid to admit he was ‘ashamed’ of his brother when growing up, siblings Alex and Nick are now travelling the world together to find out how other brothers and sisters live with Down’s syndrome. More information about the Handsome documentary can be found here.

Series Two: Episode Four – Dr Elizabeth Herrievan

Elizabeth’s daughter Amy is 13 and she has Down’s syndrome and Autism Spectrum Condition. Liz talks about the hugely positive impact Amy has had on her professional career, and also the ways in which her family has adjusted life to make Amy feel more comfortable. View Dr Elizabeth’s infographic here.

Series Two: Episode Five – Jack Hale

Jack chats to Richard about living semi-independently (and enjoying the cleaning!) keeping up two jobs as a waiter, winning numerous gold medals, and his dream of becoming a public speaker.

Series One: Episode One – Sarah Merriman

Meet Sarah, a twenty-something city girl and Spurs fan. Richard and Sarah discuss her life so far, including school, college, work, and hopes for the future. A Major Adjustment by Andy Merriman (Sarah’s dad) is available to purchase from our online shop.

Series One: Episode Two – Ian Richardson

Richard and Ian discuss fatherhood and family life. Ian’s six year old son Arran has Down’s syndrome and is at a mainstream primary school. He talks to Richard about being Arran’s dad, family life and walking the Wainwrights.

Series One: Episode Three – Billie-Jo Strummer Bailey

Richard chats to his daughter Billie-Jo about school, friends, adventures and college life.

Series One: Episode Four – Jane Chong

Jane talks to Richard about Step And Stone, the inspiration behind the project as well as her family, including her son Andrew who has Down’s syndrome.

Series One: Episode Five – Sarah Gordy

Actor, dancer, model…recipient of an MBE and an honorary doctorate…Sarah and Richard talk about her career highlights, current projects and being an ambassador and advocate.

Picture of Shifting Perspectives bookIf you would like to know more about the inspiration behind our podcast, the Shifting Perspectives photography project, you can purchase a copy of the stunning Shifting Perspectives book (published in 2012) from our website.


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