About Down's Syndrome : The Shifting Perspectives Podcast

Launched in Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week 2019, the Shifting Perspectives Podcast is brought to you by the Down’s Syndrome Association and hosted by Richard Bailey, photographer and curator of the Shifting Perspective project.

It will tell the stories of people who have Down’s syndrome as well as of their families and carers, raising a smile, providing insights and challenging commonly held attitudes and prejudices.

Series One: Episode One – Sarah Merriman

A Major Adjustment by Andy Merriman (Sarah’s dad) is available to purchase from our online shop.

Series One: Episode Two – Ian Richardson

Series One: Episode Three – Billie-Jo Strummer Bailey

Series One: Episode Four – Jane Chong

Series One: Episode Five – Sarah Gordy

Picture of Shifting Perspectives bookIf you would like to know more about the inspiration behind our podcast, the Shifting Perspectives photography project, you can purchase a copy of the stunning Shifting Perspectives book (published in 2012) from our website.


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