About Down's Syndrome : POSEIDON Willingness to pay survey

POSEIDON is a project under the EU’s 7th Framework programme for Research and Development and several DSA organisations are helping with the research.

Willingness to pay survey

The purpose of the POSEIDON project is to contribute to better inclusion of people with Down’s syndrome into society.

The European Commission, which is partly financing the project, (EC contribution – 3 million euro (£ 2.13 million) wants the project to generate business.

Several models are possible:

  • To sell individual apps which are developed for people with Down’s syndrome
  • To sell a subscription which gives access to a number of different apps
  • That interested parties subscribe to a European ecosystem for Down’s syndrome, where the customers have access to all relevant quality information and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services

Examples of information include:

  • National and international news
  • National and international research articles
  • Practical help and other information of interest
  • Examples of ICT services to include:
    • apps for navigation and calendar use, specifically developed for people with Down ‘s syndrome
    • a wide variety of e-learning applications from all over Europe
    • revenues from the ecosystem will be shared between national Down’s Syndrome Associations and other organisations  providing information and services to the ecosystem

The project has developed a questionnaire about Willingness to pay which we hope you will find the time to answer.

Click here https://no.surveymonkey.com/r/2N28SG2

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