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POSEIDON is an exciting, three year project which has been funded by the European Commission. The goal of the project is to create information technology which will help people with Down’s syndrome to achieve a greater level of independence in their lives. The technology will support people to develop and socialise at home, in education, at work and at leisure. Types of technology that may be developed will include apps for tablets and smartphones, virtual reality programs and interactive visual tables.

You can find information on Poseidon for people with Down’s syndrome in our people with Down’s syndrome section.

Why do we need POSEIDON?

Many people with Down’s syndrome face barriers to accessing activities in their communities that the rest of us take for granted.  The POSEIDON project aims to develop easy to use technology which can help people with Down’s syndrome to:

• Become more involved in their communities
• Achieve greater independence within their communities

The technology will support people with Down’s syndrome in 4 main areas:

• Education
• Work
• Leisure
• Communication

How will the technology work?

Virtual Reality: We aim to develop a Virtual Reality system based on a big screen TV. The system will use virtual characters and realistic representations of the outside world; for example: a virtual reality route to work to give the person with Down’s syndrome more confidence to travel alone.

Interactive Table: We aim to develop an interactive table for people with Down’s syndrome to use at home or work; for example: they will be able to do their homework on the table and link it to their computer at college.

Tablets: We aim to develop easy to use apps that people with Down’s syndrome will feel comfortable using; for example: a set of linked leisure and diary apps so that people and their support groups can update all of their social calendars wherever they are.

Who is developing the technology?

The POSEIDON project team includes members from DSA UK, from Middlesex University, from the National Down’s Syndrome Associations of Germany and Norway and from a number of technology research and development companies based in Germany, Sweden and Norway.

How do I learn more about POSEIDON?

Learn more about the whole exciting project at the official POSEIDON website

Read the Down’s Syndrome Association progress blogs –

Why is the project called POSEIDON?

In Greek mythology Poseidon is the god of the sea; with his trident he can shake the earth and shatter objects.
The POSEIDON project wants to shake pre-established assumptions and shatter preconceptions and enable people with Down’s syndrome to become more active participants in their communities.

What does POSEIDON stand for?

PersOnalized Smart Environments to increase Inclusion of people with DOwn’s syNdrome


The project has received funding from the European Seventh Framework Programme FP7-ICT-2013 under grant agreement 610840. The consortium is not responsible for any use that might be made of the content of this publication further to its initial purpose as part of the official dissemination plan

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