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Getting help when you need it – a parent/carer consultation about technology

Hi I am Eve Hutton I am a Reader in Children’s Health and Wellbeing at Canterbury Christ Church University and a children’s occupational therapist. I am involved in several research projects that focus on children with additional needs and their parents and carers.

Parents/carers we have consulted say that technology may help with the everyday challenges of caring for a child/young person. We would like to find out what idea’s parents/carers have about this. We are also interested in parent/carer views and the potential of digital technology and communication when their child is receiving therapy (OT, PT, SALT).

We are inviting you to complete a short on- line survey. The survey asks questions about how parents and carers use technology- such as phones, computers and tablets-to help them in their role as a carer of a child/children who use/s occupational therapy, speech and language therapy or physiotherapy services.


We are sending this out through special schools, online support forums and networks. The survey has 24 questions. The collective results will be used to help develop our understanding about how parent/carers might use technology so we can develop a research project about technology for parents and carers and apply for funding for this. The survey results may also be used in a research publication such as a journal article. We will not ask for your name or any personal identification in this survey and will not use any identifying information in any report, article or other document.
Thank you for helping us with our research.

If you have any questions about this survey please email: Eve.hutton@canterbury.ac.uk


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