About Down's Syndrome : The social construction of quality diabetes care appointments in primary care by adults with mild-to-moderate learning disabilities, their supporters and healthcare professionals

My name is Lorna Rouse and I am a PhD student with the Open University.  My PhD project aims to improve understanding of the experience of primary care diabetes appointments for adults with learning disabilities.  Although diabetes is more prevalent in people with learning disabilities, currently very little is known about the experience and views of people with learning disabilities on their diabetes care.

As part of my project I am looking for adults with learning disabilities and type 1 or type 2 diabetes to take part in a one-to-one interview with me.

I am looking for adults (18+) with mild-to-moderate learning disability who:

  • Have a diagnosis of type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
  • Live in a community setting (independently, with family or in shared housing/supported living environment) in England.
  • Have capacity to give informed consent to take part in the research.

Where possible I would also like to interview someone who supports the participant with a learning disability in relation to their diabetes care appointments.

The interview would take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, be tape recorded and would be arranged at a time and location convenient to participants.   Shorter interviews can be arranged if more convenient.  Someone they know can stay with participants with learning disabilities during the interview to help them to feel comfortable.  Participation will be confidential so that identifying details will be known only to me.  Any identifying details in the transcriptions such as names and places will be changed.  Any travel expenses will be covered (but where possible I will travel to participants) and a £20 gift voucher will be offered in recognition of time given.

My project is supervised by Dr Liz Tilley and has received ethical approval from the Open University’s Human Research Ethics Committee.  I am a member of the Social History of Learning Disability research group at the Open University.

Further information about the study for adults with learning disabilities

Further information about the study for carers / supporters


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