About Down's Syndrome : Socio-emotional processes in individuals with developmental disabilities (SOEMO)

Can you help with this research project – a collaboration between UCL, Institute of Education, the Swiss Distance University, and the Institute of Special Education from the University of Fribourg, in Switzerland?

The research team are looking for parents of children/young people and adults (ages 5 to 25 years-old) who have Down’s Syndrome to fill out some online questionnaires (three sets of questionnaires in total).

This research project looks at positive emotions, emotional regulation, social approach, bullying, peer-relations and anxiety in social and non-social contexts in children, adolescents and adults with and without developmental disabilities.

The team hopes the information you provide will help them to better understand the development of social and non-social anxieties. They hope this knowledge can then be used to inform intervention strategies and programmes.

See the flyer (below) for more information.

To fill out the questionnaire please CLICK HERE.

As a thank you, the team will send parents an Amazon voucher. The value of the voucher will depend on how much of the questionnaire is completed.

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Researchers and Contact Details

Prof. Andrea Samson (Principle Investigator)

“I am Assistant Professor and Co-Dean in the Faculty of Psychology at the Swiss Distance Learning University. Since September 2018 I am also SNSF Assistant Professor in Special Education at the University of Fribourg. My research focuses on affective processes such as positive emotions, humor, and emotion regulation and their relation to mental health and well-being in clinical and non-clinical populations.”

Institut de Pédagogie Curative, CH – 17000 Fribourg


Dr Jo Van Herwegen (Co-Investigator)

“I am an Associate Professor in Psychology at UCL Institute of Education. My research focuses mainly on language and number development in both typical and atypical developmental disorders, such as Williams syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, and Specific Language Impairment.”

Department of Psychology and Human Development UCL, Institute of Education, Woburn Square 25, Room 306, London


Noémie Treichel (Study Coordinator)

“I am a PhD Student in Prof. Samson’s lab at the Institute for Special Education at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). My research focuses on positive emotions and humour in neurodevelopmental disorders.”

Institut de Pédagogie Curative, CH – 17000 Fribourg




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