About Down's Syndrome : Sleep and early cognitive development in children

Sleep and early cognitive development in children with Down’s syndrome

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This study is led by Dr Anna Joyce at Coventry University in collaboration with Dr Dagmara Dimitriou from the Institute of Education, London.

Please note the study is no longer recruiting participants.

We are looking for children aged two to four years, with or without Down’s syndrome, to take part in a study to see whether sleep is related to early cognitive development.

We know that in typically developing children poor sleep contributes to problems with learning. Children with Down’s syndrome often have sleep problems, particularly breathing difficulties during sleep, but we don’t yet know whether these affect their learning and development.

If you choose to take part in the study, you and your child will attend Coventry University or the Institute of Education, London, depending which is most convenient for you. We will play some games with your child, like matching shapes, threading beads, talking and block building, to test their language, motor and visual skills. You will take some equipment home to monitor their breathing during sleep for one night. We will then be able to see whether children’s sleep quality is related to their performance on the tasks.

You will be reimbursed a £40 shopping voucher for your help with the study, and will receive a report of your child’s sleep.

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Please see the participant information sheet for more details and contact Dr Anna Joyce with any questions or if you wish to take part.

Email: anna.joyce@coventry.ac.uk

Tel: 02477 659 509

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