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School of Psychology, Queens University Belfast

PREDICTORS (Parent Resources for Decreasing the Incidence of Change Triggered Temper Outbursts)


Outline of the research

PREDICTORS’ which stands for Parents Resources for Decreasing the Incidence of Change Triggered Temper Outbursts, is a study which aims to refine web-based training packages for caregivers of children (aged 7-16 years old) who show frequent temper outbursts following changes to their routines and plans.  It is hoped that the training packages will teach caregivers how to apply strategies that will help reduce the number of temper outbursts that the children show following changes, as well as making any outbursts they do show less severe.

Participants will keep a diary on their child’s temper outbursts for a 6 month period accessed using a smart phone.  The diary will take between 2-5 minutes to complete each time.  After this 6 month period they will then be asked to take part in web-based/accessed training for approximately 1 month which will include sessions to study once or twice per week as well as exercises to practice in between sessions.  After the training is complete parents will then be asked to implement the strategies they have learnt in the 6 months that follow.


Dr Kate Woodcock (Principal investigator and director of the study) is a lecturer in Atypical Development at the School of Psychology, Queen’s University, Belfast

Prof. Chris Oliver (Prof. of Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Director of the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders) Birmingham University

Dr Katerina Dounavi is a lecturer in Applied Behaviour Analysis at the School of Education, Queen’s University Belfast

Prof. Jane Barlow is Prof. of Public Health in the Early Years and Director of the Warwick Infant and Family Wellbeing Unit, University of Warwick

Dr Leah Bull, The Celebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Birmingham University

Dr Clare McGeady is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the School of Psychology, Queen’s University, Belfast and is the PREDICTORS study coordinator.

Contact details

Dr Kate Woodcock k.woodcock@qub.ac.uk Tel: 028 9097 4886

Dr Clare McGeady c.mcgeady@qub.ac.uk Tel: 028 9097 4623

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