About Down's Syndrome : Parental perspectives of foot-care and footwear in children and young people with learning disabilities

Led by Stewart Morrison of the University of Brighton, a post-doctoral research team seeks to answer the question:

What are the foot-care and footwear needs of children and young people with learning disabilities? 

Foot problems are reported to be a very common health issue in adults with learning disabilities, yet poorly understood in children and young people with learning disabilities.  There are some research studies that have reported foot and footwear complications in children with Down’s syndrome but this topic area still remains under-researched.

There are some foot problems which are more likely to affect children and young people with Down’s syndrome in particular, such as flat footedness.

The researchers often see children in their clinic with foot problems and understand the common frustrations that parents experience with managing these issues, as well as problems with finding good shoes for their children.  Access to foot-care services is important, yet limited awareness about the types of foot problems children experience, and the challenges their parents face, is a barrier to ensuring people understand their needs and offer the appropriate services needed to manage foot problems.

What will it involve?

This study is a UK based survey which we are undertaking because we want to learn more about foot-care and footwear needs in children and young people with learning disabilities.  We want to understand what foot-related problems children and young people may (or may not) have.  We are looking for UK-based parents / parental caregivers of children and young people with learning disabilities who aged 16 years or younger to complete an online survey.


  1. Your child
  2. Foot-care
  3. Footwear

If you would like to be involved, you can access the survey online here: https://brighton.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/footcare_for_children_learning_disabilities


The survey will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and has questions about:

If you would like more information, please contact: Stewart Morrison, School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton S.C.Morrison@brighton.ac.uk

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