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Data to produce better fitting specs for children – can you help?

Outline of the research

Children’s spectacle frames were historically designed separately from adult frames. Due to commercial pressure this is no longer the case and the majority of current children’s spectacle frames are essentially scaled-down versions of existing adult frame styles. This assumes that the shape of the nose in a child is the same as an adult, which is patently untrue, especially for younger children.

This results in both poor comfort and fit of the spectacles as well as inaccurate optical effect of the correcting spectacle lens. This study will encompass all children aged 0-16 with the objective of taking facial measurements in order to produce facial data which is hoped will be utilised by frame manufacturers.

The facial characteristics of children with Down’s syndrome include a much lower crest, wider angles and a shorter side length which indicates that scaled-down adult frames would never fit these children. In addition, the higher prevalence of spectacle wear indicates the importance of producing frames that actually fit, are comfortable and also desirable to the child.

Non-invasive 3D images will be captured using the 3dmd face system (www.3dmd.com)

This system uses photography and capture speeds around 1.5ms. No specific positioning required. Land marks are then placed on the image and the measurements taken post-capture.

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Alicia Thompson Researcher Paediatric Facial Analysis For Spectacle Wear

Mrs Alicia Thompson BSc (Hons) FBDO R (Hons) SLD SMC (Tech)

I am a dispensing optician registered with the General Optical Council. I currently work for the Association of British Dispensing Opticians as Director of Professional Examinations. My interest in paediatric dispensing and the distinct lack of suitable frames for children has led me to embark on a part-time PhD with Aston University.

Contact details

Alicia Thompson thompaj3@aston.ac.uk


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