About Down's Syndrome : Exploring the types and causes of non-compliant behaviour in children aged 5-11

Logo of the School of Psychology, Queen's University BelfastOur research aims to understand the different factors that can influence the behaviours that children show, which can be difficult for children and their families. We aim to use this information to develop helping strategies for children and their families. 

Does your child, or a child you look after:

  • Ignore your requests
  • Try and talk their way out of doing things
  • Directly defy you
  • Say no a lot?

 Do they do this a lot more than other children, or a lot more than you would expect?

If this is the case, and your child is aged between 5-11 years, we would really like to hear from you.  We would like caregivers to take part in an interview over the phone to talk about the behaviour.

If you are interested, and would like more, please:

  • Or contact us on:

Dr. Kate Woodcock – 028 9097 4886 – k.woodcock@qub.ac.uk

Luke McCann – lmccann32@qub.ac.uk

Katherine Grady – Kgrady01@qub.ac.uk

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