About Down's Syndrome : Covid-19 Survey of experiences of people who have a learning disability and/or ASD

Can you help with this survey?

This survey is for adults (18 years +) who live in the UK and who have a learning disability and/or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)

Covid-19 (coronavirus) is affecting all of our lives. Things have changed for everyone in the last few weeks.

We want to know how the lives of people who have a learning disability or ASD have been affected by the Covid-19 virus.

We want to know how people are being effected by staying at home as the government has told us to do.

We have made a survey on the internet with some questions in it. We hope that you will help us by answering our questions.

Why are we doing this survey

We want services and governments to know what is happening to people who have a learning disability or ASD at this difficult time.

We need you to tell us what is happening to you so we can tell services and government.

How you can join in



There is Easy-Read information there to help you fill out the survey. It will help you decide whether to help us. It tells you:

  • what we are asking
  • how we will use the information you give us
  • how we will keep your information private

You can just do the survey. We will not use your name. You can have a carer or family member to help you answer the questions if you want to. The survey is Easy Read.

If you agree, we will send you an email saying what we found out.

If you agree, we may email you again to ask you some more questions. This will be when we are all able to leave our homes. You can tell what has happened to you then.

If you need an interview by telephone or video

If you can’t use the online survey, you can talk to someone at Learning Disability Wales who will help you do the survey. They can write your answers down for you.

If you want help to do the survey over the telephone ring Learning Disability Wales on this number: 02920 681160

If you want more information about the survey you can email National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH) at: info@ncmh.info

Or ring NCMH on: 02920 688401

Thank you for helping us.


Dr Stephen Beyer

Stephen is a Senior Lecturer working with the NCMH, Cardiff University. He researches the quality of services for, and how we can improve the quality of life of, people who have a learning disability.

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