About Down's Syndrome : An investigation of factors which influence the health and wellbeing of parent carers

An investigation of factors which influence the health and wellbeing of parent carers who support a child or an adult with a learning disability

Researcher: Carole Beighton

I am the parent of a child who has learning & physical disabilities and in my third year of undertaking a PhD at London South Bank University. I’m a qualified nurse (adult and learning disability) and currently work as a part-time researcher at Kingston & St Georges University of London.

Parents of children who have a learning disability are known are known as ‘perpetual parents’ as we spend the longest time as carers.  However, most research reports on the health of ‘all carers’. Our health is often compared to that of shorter term carers, for example those caring for someone with dementia or receiving palliative care.  Therefore this research will provide important information about our specific health and needs as parent carers as we need to stay in good health in order to care for our children over their lifespan.

I need a minimum of 200 parents countrywide to participate in my online survey (to ensure the findings are valid and to get them published).  The survey is completely anonymous and should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. It includes questions about you and the child/adult you support, questions relating to your general health, your experiences of being a parent carer and whether you feel this has had an effect on your health and wellbeing. At the end the survey you can see how some of your answers compare to other parents who have participated.

For more information or to take part please click the link below:


Participant information sheet

Contact details: Mobile: 07932091560 | Email: beightc2@lsbu.ac.uk

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