About Down's Syndrome : Stephen

Written by Stephen’s sister Clare

My mam, Elisabeth Kilner, and dad, David Kilner, weren’t aware they were having a baby with Down’s syndrome, so as you can imagine, it came as quite a bit of a shock, but they adapted and got on with life. I was born a year and four months later and then my sister, Helen, was born three years after me.

We have a really strong family unit and Stephen has always been part of that. Lots of family holidays, birthday celebrations, our weddings and much, much more.

Stephen loves to meet new people and adores music, hence he loves to sing (albeit badly, but don’t tell him that!) and dance.

Elvis, Cliff Richard, ABBA, Frank Sinatra (New York, New York) Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline) are two of his favourites when on karaoke, of which he is renowned for in our local pub. My husband, Jimmy, is the one who Stephen turns to for his right-hand-man/partner in crime and together they bring the house down with their renditions.

Jimmy had never met someone with Down’s syndrome before, so one Christmas Eve was their first meeting and I can honestly say, they hit it off immediately and have never looked back.

Stephen brings such joy and fun into the lives of everyone he meets and is a very sociable character.

He has found dealing with Covid-19 quite difficult, but to be fair, has adapted well and used lots of hand soap!!

He works in McDonald’s one day a week and has done for over 20 years. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 he’s been furloughed, although he did think that he’d been sacked at one point!

Unfortunately, the parties we had planned for his 50th birthday (July 8) have had to be cancelled for now. We had three planned for him in different places due to the number of people he knows!

So, we had a family BBQ and a few drinks in the local pub where those who knew him could drop in and wish him a Happy Birthday.

He celebrated in style no matter what!

He is an amazing son, brother and uncle, and really enjoys life. Bringing joy and humour to those who meet him.

Happy Birthday Stephen have an amazing day. Lots of love from us all. xxx

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