About Down's Syndrome : Celebrating our 50th anniversary

In the last 50 years, people with Down’s syndrome have made amazing strides forward. That’s why we want to make 2020, the DSA’s 50th anniversary, a year of celebration. See below the ways we are celebrating this year.

We’ll be celebrating the stories of people with Down’s syndrome who have lived, thrived and surpassed expectations through the last 50 years. We will be distributing these stories throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled. You can read our stories using the link below. We’ll also be celebrating the role that the Down’s Syndrome Association has played, and continues to play, in radically changing the landscape for people with Down’s syndrome… in education, health, employment and awareness, and understanding in society as a whole.

Want to celebrate with us? Join #Team21 in 2020 for a series of fantastic 50th fundraising events or celebrate in your own way.

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