About Down's Syndrome : Tell It Right® information pack

Our Tell It Right® information pack will help you provide up to date, accurate and balanced information about Down’s syndrome to prospective and new parents.

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We know it is vital for expectant parents, from the beginning of the screening process right through pregnancy and birth, to be supported by maternity professionals who have easy access to correct information about Down’s syndrome; the life prospects of people with the condition, the impact on families, support available in the community and the joys and challenges of having a child with Down’s syndrome.

Tell It Right® Start It Right Training

We have trained over 5000 midwives and related health professionals across the UK and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, ‘I realise now that lifelong messages are taken away from words spoken at a sensitive time’ Midwife, South Wales.

Lots more information

Please explore our website to find comprehensive information about Down’s syndrome, including many films and stories told by people of all ages who have the condition.

Request a hard copy

If you are representing a maternity service and would like multiple copies please email to discuss quantities and postage costs. Email info@downs-syndrome.org.uk.

You can also request to be sent our Helpline flyers (A6). The flyer signposts expectant and new parents to our Helpline for information and support.

We would love to see a stand of these on every midwifery desk across the country.


A picture of the Did you know...? poster Did you know…? A3 poster
  Antenatal, Neonatal and Postnatal Care: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals
Our ‘Tell it Right’® Top Tips
NIPT Fact Checking Guide.
cover People with Down’s syndrome: Your Questions Answered
Looking forward to your baby
The cover of one of our leaflets: Congratulations on the birth of your baby Congratulations on the birth of your baby
The cover of one of our publications - Down's syndrome: A leaflet for friends & family Down’s Syndrome: A leaflet for friends and family
the cover of a leaflet about our Tell It Right<sup>®</sup> training

Tell It Right® Start It Right

A leaflet about our Tell it Right training for midwives

A poster for the DSA Helpline National Helpline poster
Who we are.
What we do.
Why we need you.A leaflet about the Down’s Syndrome Association

Helpline Flyer

Email info@downs-syndrome.org.uk for your copies.


Tell it Right® is a registered trade mark of the Down’s Syndrome Association

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