About Down's Syndrome : It’s My Life

A short survey on help and support for people
with Down’s syndrome

The closing date for this survey is Monday 18th June.

The Down’s Syndrome Association is talking to the government about care and support services.

We want to know if you get help and support, and if the services you get are good, or not good enough.

We want to know so that we can tell the Government if they need to do better.

This survey asks some questions about your support services, and if you are happy with them or not.

We will write a report about what we find and put it on our website.

Would you be able to help us? It is up to you if you want to take part. You can say no if you want to.

You may want to ask your family, a friend or your carer to help you with the questions.

We will not share your name or any other personal information with anyone.

The DSA is concerned about the level of social care support available to some adults with Down’s syndrome. We are keen to find out about the experiences of applying for and receiving care and support services. We have devised a survey to help us get a better view of the good experiences as well as the negative issues and would be grateful if you would consider completing this.

The survey asks about your experiences of assessment, planning, care support and the review process.

If we gather enough evidence to support our concerns, we plan to use the information collected here to inform MPs and government departments, when the forthcoming Green Paper on Social Care is released for consultation.

Any information provided here will be used anonymously. Additionally, we will be looking for case studies to support our concerns, and would be grateful if you could indicate your willingness to provide further information.

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