About Down's Syndrome : Awareness Week 2017


20-26 March 2017

People with Down’s syndrome have something to say. They want to be heard.  Their opinions count. 

Watch their films here:

 Each year, the voice of people with Down’s syndrome and their circles of support grows louder, but there is still much to do to achieve true and proper inclusion.
This year we will focus on enabling people with Down’s syndrome of all ages and abilities to express themselves and, importantly, to be heard so that others understand their needs, thoughts and opinions.


We know that not everyone finds it easy to ‘speak-up’, but that is no reason for people with Down’s syndrome to be ignored. There are many ways to express an opinion and it is vital that individuals across the UK have the right support and advocates to help them do just that.


Across the globe, people will be expressing themselves.  You can watch people from around the world at the WDSD GLOBAL VIDEO EVENT

On 21st March the WDSD17 CONFERENCE is held at the United Nations in New York and Geneva (UN).

Eleanor Head from the UK will be speaking at the UN and we will share live links and footage with you.

Irene Galli, a young woman with Down’s syndrome will also give a short speech to introduce the campaign film #NotSpecialNeeds created by CoorDown, Italy, together with Down Syndrome International and with the contribution of Down’s Syndrome Association (UK), Australia Down Syndrome and Fondation Lejeune in France:

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Send us your videos to share during Awareness Week!
People can express themselves however they wish and if anyone needs a little inspiration, perhaps these thoughts might be a starting place:
  • I am…  I want…  I like…  I don’t like…  I can…  I need help with…

We will be showing the world what is important to people with Down’s syndrome in the UK! 
Post your videos on social media, with the hashtag #ListenToMe, so we can share them with all our followers across the world.  Or you can send them to us using the photo and video submission form on our website.  We can’t wait to see them!

2017 Awareness Week pack

You can order the pack to be posted to you here 


You can download the pack here (either the whole pack or just the elements you want!).

The Awareness Week pack includes the following booklets, leaflets and posters:

  • Listen To Me Series:
    • Childhood Communication: visual resources to support communication Easy Read booklet
    • 13+ Transition: resources to help students make decisions about their future Easy Read booklet
  • Social Care Series:
    • Adult Needs Assessments: information for adults to assist them with their Needs Assessment Easy Read booklet
  • Having a Voice Series:
    • About Having a Voice Easy Read booklet
  • Living the Way You Want Series:
    • Making Choices. Easy Read booklet
  • DSActive leaflet
  • WorkFit Jobseeker leaflet
  • Did You Know…? poster
  • National Helpline poster
  • #Lotsofsocks poster
  • Fundraising Materials Request form


Wear your #LotsOfSocks socks now!

Over 3,300 of you rocked your official ‘Lots of Socks’ socks last year, with thousands more people wearing their very own versions to mark
World Down Syndrome Day.
Well, fear not, our socks are back and are even cooler this year!
Thank you to everyone who is wearing them to support #WDSD17:

#MyVoiceMyCommunity  #LotsOfSocks  #HavingAVoice