Cosmetic Surgery


Our position on cosmetic surgery for people with Down's syndrome

The Down's Syndrome Association is committed to supporting families and their children with Down's syndrome. We do question, however, why some parents need to choose cosmetic surgery for their children, with all the discomfort and risk that any form of surgery entails. Hiding a child's disability also sends out mixed messages, not only to wider society, but possibly to the child itself.

We fully support the rights of adults with Down's syndrome to choose plastic surgery, although it is regrettable that they feel the need to change their faces in an attempt to hide the visible aspects of Down's syndrome.

Society must learn to accept people with Down's syndrome for what they are. Public perceptions and understanding have improved in recent years but we clearly have some way to go while demand for this type of surgery remains. A vital part of our role is to educate the public, helping them to understand and accept the contribution of people with Down's syndrome.