Thursday, 02 February 2012

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The Down's Syndrome Association press office can help provide you with information on all aspects of living with Down's Syndrome.

Whether you are looking for a spokes person, expert comment, clarification on story ideas, accurate information of living with Down's syndrome in your region please contact the press office on 0333 121 2300 or out of hours on 0773 053 1504.

When talking about people with Down's syndrome of any age it is really important to get the basics terminology and facts and figures correct.  We have produced a guide to help get it right.

The Down's Syndrome Association is very proud to have over 100 affiliated groups spread across the country, in order we have produced a simple media guide to help you interact with your local media outlets.


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Press Releases

Our most update to news can be viewed in latest news.

All Down's Syndrome Association press releases are listed below by year of publication:-


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

DSA News

Welcome to our News and Media section. Here you'll find our latest newspress releasesterminology guides and tips to to help you engage with the media.