Being Pregnant


being pregnantIf you are about to have, or are currently undertaking, pre-natal tests take a look at the NHS Booklet about Screening for Down's Syndrome in Pregnancy. We believe that it is important you understand about the tests you are taking, what they can tell you and what choices you may have to make. We know that this may be a difficult time for you. Gather the information you need, our publication People with Down's syndrome - Your Questions Answered may be useful. Give yourself time to make decisions that feel right to you.

We encourage you to ring and ask any question about Down's syndrome, big or small, on our Helpline on 0333 121 2300 (not premium rate). We can provide you with factual and up to date information.  However if it is out of hours we have prepared the answers to the most frequently asked pre-natal questions - Pre-natal FAQ's for you to read.

Pre-natal Diagnosis

If you are at the stage where you have received a pre-natal diagnosis of Down's syndrome, and you are thinking about whether or not to carry on with your pregnancy, take a look at our publication Continuing Pregnancy with a Diagnosis of Down's syndrome - A Guide for Parents.

Information at diagnosis

We hope the person who gave you your baby's diagnosis was well informed about Down's syndrome. You may like to share information about the DSA's Tell it Right campaign with your health care provider.

Photographer needs models -  Are you pregnant and expecting a baby with Down's syndrome?

I am a photographer and mother of a daughter with Down's syndrome.  I am one of the photographers in a project called Shifting Perspectives which is supported by the Down's Syndrome Association.  My current work, 'Safe Haven' is a series of portraits of pregnant women who know their baby will be born with Down's syndrome.  My work aims to raise awareness about the choices that women make.  If you would you be interested in being part of a photographic project or just like to find out more information please contact me.

Fiona Yaron-Field via email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

For further information about Shifting Perspectives and my involvement please visit the Shifting Perspectives official website.