Did you know that if your estate is worth more than £325,000, your beneficiaries will be charged at 40% on the value of anything over this threshold when you die. (Your estate is basically the net value of everything you own - all your assets minus any debts). This means that if your estate is worth over £325,000 your beneficiaries will only keep £6,000 out of each extra £10,000 (over £425,000) that you leave. If your estate is made up mainly of property, your relatives may have to sell this in order to pay the tax. However, making a bequest to a charity, would ensure that the gift would be tax exempt to both giver and receiver. The individual who left a legacy to the DSA last year decided that doing nothing to plan for the future of his family and especially his child with Down's syndrome was simply not an option, and therefore drew up his will several years in advance, making a provision to the DSA.

Please remember the DSA in your estate plans to help us further our work. If you require further information on how to leave a gift in your will, please download our Legacy leaflet or contact your local solicitor or DSA Contact below.

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