For People with Down's Syndrome : My Perspective 2016

Many congratulations to Emily Buck who has won My Perspective 2016

Emily won the award for her beautiful picture. It’s called “Reflection”:

Down's syndrome

Two photographers shared second place – Steven Padmore’s “Raindrops on my Window” and Carlos Biggemann’s “Colours of Fire”:


Carlos’ picture also won a new award for international photographers. He flew all the way from New Zealand to attend the awards ceremony.

David Kenward, who won My Perspective in 2015, was there to present the awards alongside Dame Judi Dench, patron of the DSA.

Sarah Gordy, professional actor and dancer, to the awards event. She performed a series of dance pieces for us at the start of the evening.

Many thanks to everyone who entered the 2016 My Perspective competition and congratulations to all the runners up:

  • Tenzin Andrews, The Netherlands – Blote Billen
  • Alex Auld, UK – Woodland Path
  • Konstantina Chamalidou, Greece – The Park
  • David Cormack, UK – Winter Sheep
  • Rory Davies, UK – Narnia
  • Christopher Diedo, UK – Shadow Beach
  • Gabriel Dodds, UK – Dartmoor 2
  • Alex Dodson, UK – West Bay Cliff
  • Lucie Fickling, UK – My Favourite Colour
  • Daniel Geeson, UK – Sun Through the Trees
  • Claude Gonsalves, UK – Paint Fun 3
  • Klay Green, UK – Sunny Afternoon
  • Daniel Harrison, UK – Spring Time
  • Kosmas Karikas, Greece – View
  • Ben Larkin, UK – Bumpy Tree
  • Hubert Lawless, UK – Secret Pond
  • Stephen Lucas, UK – Grizzly Bear
  • Maria Mantzolopoulou, Greece – Cycle
  • Edward Phippen, UK – Derwent Water
  • Gabrielle Shann, UK – Flowers
  • Harry Smale, Channel Islands – Bella Landscape
  • Gordon Stewart, UK – Norweigian Fjords

The My Perspective 2016 finalists


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