For People with Down's Syndrome : Find a new activity

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Find an activity

Sometimes finding a new activity can be confusing.

But there are lots of places you can find new activities.

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Where to look

We have some ideas for activities to try.

We have a list of different places you can find activities.

people working in a council

You can find local activities on your local council website.

You can call your council’s Family Information Service for nearby activities and clubs. You can find their phone number on your council’s website.

two people holding library books

Your local library may have information about local activities.

pupils at school

You can ask your school or college to help you find activities.

If you are over 18, you can ask your local Adult Education Centre about courses they run.

person with Down's syndrome playing football

You can join a football or tennis club with DSActive

Ask your local leisure centre or sports club what sports they offer.

woman in swimming pool

You local swimming pool will have times for swimming classes and lessons.

If you like swimming, you can talk to Down’s Syndrome International Swimming Organisation

info leaflet in easy read

We have an Easy Read leaflet to help you find local activities.

Download the leaflet: How to find out about local activities

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If you have problems finding activities, you can email us.

Our email is

We hope you find an activity you like!

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