For People with Down's Syndrome : Awareness Week 2017


 20-26 March 2017

This year’s theme is My Voice, My Community.

This means making sure that other people know what you think, what you want and what you need.

We want to help YOU tell everyone what YOU want to say.


Not everyone uses their voice to be heard.

You can use pictures, sounds or signs.

We would like to know more about you:


bethan-jpeg  katherine-jpeg  emeric-jpeg

We would like you to send us your answers.  

You can write, draw, photograph or film your answers.

You might want to ask someone to help you.

Please email your answers to


Send them to

The Communications Team
Down’s Syndrome Association
Langdon Down Centre
2a Langdon Park
TW11 9PS


Upload your photographs and films on our website.  You can click here to upload them

We want to share your answers on our website and social media.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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