Interactive Visual Timetable for Home and School Use

visual-timetable Bob Black, DSA 2010
CD Rom Software (Red cover)
The Interactive Visual Timeable is for use at Home, in Early Years Settings and School.

It can be used at in day planning and behaviour managments.  This simple software is ideal for sequencing any series of events, including what will happen at home or at school.  It may be esprcially useful for sequencing activities that are difficult to remember or to reinforce positive behaviour.  You could even use it to show rewards or outcomes for succesfully completing activities.  Most commonly is is used as a visual reminder of tasks and activities.  The prorgammes comes with a set of ready made pictures covering home, early years' and school settings.

This CD ROM also contains "Extra Resorces" including a version of the interactive visual timetable for old learners and those in the work place.

Also in the extras folder is the Software "Talking and Listening" which contains activities to encourage spoken language and listening skills from simple casue and effect through to sentence building and reading.  Each has its own user guide and installation intrustions - requires microphone and sound enabled speakers.