Awareness Week 2014


Each year we target a particular aspect of living with Down's syndrome and this year during awareness week (17 - 23 March) we campaigned  for

Better Health Care for adults with Down's syndrome

Every adult with Down's syndrome is entitled to an annual health check with their GP. Annual Health Checks should provide GPs with a thorough, comprehensive understanding of an adult with Down's syndrome's health, flagging up any problems at an early stage and helping people with Down's syndrome feel more in control of their health. But for many people, this isn't happening. Many people aren't even aware of Annual Health Checks, or if they are, the checks they get just aren't good enough. Rushed appointments, incomplete checkups and a lack of GP awareness about the medical conditions that more commonly affect people with Down's syndrome all mean that people with Down's syndrome aren't receiving the quality of Annual Health Check they need.

During awareness week we launched the Health Book at a parliamentary reception, read about the successful launch and then presented it to the United Nations at the World Down Syndrome Day Conference in New York on 21 March 2014.

Awareness Week 2014

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Helping GP's and letting adults with Down's syndrome know about the Health Book

We want to help GPs get Annual Health Checks right. To do this, the DSA have created tools that GPs can use to properly monitor the health of adults with Down's syndrome.

  • Health Book

The Health Book is aimed at adults with Down's syndrome and their families can be taken to Annual Health Checks, giving GPs all the medical history they need in one place and helping adults with Down's syndrome understand more about their own health.

  • GP Website

Our new website especially for GPs and health professionals with detailed information on the common medical issues that can affect people with Down's syndrome.

However, the only way these resources will have an impact is if GPs know about them. That's why we asked our supporters

  • Contact your local GP and give them our "Annual Health Checks for GPs" letter and Health Book Awareness Poster.
    This letter and poster tells them about our Annual Health Check campaign, offering them support and resources on annual health checks for adults with Down's syndrome. You can show this to your GP as a group or as individual members.
  • Find out the contact details of any GPs you contact and send them to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This helps us keep in touch with GPs and offer them further support.
  • Become members of the DSA - Ensure any adults with Down's syndrome you know are members of the Down's Syndrome Association. Adults with Down's syndrome are entitled to free membership.  Get them joined up today.

What else can you do?

It is never to early to start promoting and talking about good health so we have prepared two factsheets (along with easy read formats) for you all.